ADG Role Description Questionnaire Form

In this questionnaire you are asked to rate yourself using a 3 point scale against 26 phrases or statements.

  • When you have made your choice, click onto your rating (Not Often, Sometimes, Often) in the corresponding box avoiding the middle answer (Sometimes) as much as possible.
  • With each question we suggest that you respond with your immediate reaction rather than ponder for too long.
  • Do try and be as honest with yourself as possible - in this way you will get the most from the exercise.
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  Questions Not Often Sometimes Often
1 Active, dominant, talks a lot
2 Extraverted, outgoing, positive
3 A purposeful, democratic task leader
4 An assertive, business-like manager
5 Authoritarian, controlling, disapproving
6 Domineering, tough-minded, powerful
7 Provocative, egocentric, showing off
8 Jokes around, expressive, dramatic
9 Entertaining, sociable, smiling, warm
10 Friendly, egalitarian
11 Works cooperatively with others
12 Analytical, task-oriented, problem-solving
13 Legalistic, has to be right
14 Unfriendly, negativistic
15 Irritable, cynical, won’t cooperate
16 Shows feelings and emotions
17 Affectionate, likeable, fun to be with
18 Looks up to others, appreciative, trustful
19 Gentle, willing to accept responsibility
20 Obedient, works submissively
21 Self-punishing, works too hard
22 Depressed, sad, resentful, rejecting
23 Alienated, quits, withdraws
24 Afraid to try, doubts own ability
25 Quietly happy just to be with others
26 Passive, introverted, says little

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